What To Write about Exactly?

I wanted to start a blog for myself, but what exactly to write about? I’m not necessarily that public of a person. So the idea of shedding intimate details of my life wasn’t especially of interest. Twitter (@markapatten) is about as much of that side of my life as I want to broadcast.

So how about one of the things I am passionate about – digital. The problem however with writing about things like digital strategy, user experience, web analytics, digital marketing and the such is that I do not write enough for my firm’s blog  (sorry Kate) about that stuff, let alone start another!

So though I will likely touch on that stuff, this blog is mostly about what it is like to lead a digital agency. I hope to be insightful, interesting and thought provoking. I certainly don’t expect to take myself too seriously. And I don’t expect to write all that much, but when I do, I hope that you will find it well done.

So, here goes nothing. Thanks for reading.

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